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JACCOO makes it simple to comply with the latest rules, regulations, and standards, such as SEPA, ISO 20022, and SWIFT, on a single payment platform.

JACCOO Payments is a centralized payment processing system that offers back-end integration with ERP systems via secure interfaces, resulting in an aggregated and centralized payment processing center. Further, it handles incoming payment information in multiple data formats while providing workflow management of payment approvals, a rules engine to determine the lowest-cost method of payment, and links to multiple banking systems.


JACCOO can operate alongside your existing systems and can be introduced in a step-by-step manner at a pace of your choice. This allows for bringing part of your operations live on JACCOO without radical changes or disruptions to your existing systems or infrastructure.

By using the JACCOO platform you will automatically benefit from all the latest technological innovations and standards without the need to upgrade your systems. JACCOO’s Cash management-as-a-service offers complete flexibility and scalability. Our system grows with the size and complexity of your organization.


  • Bulk processing for payments and debits – Manual entry of urgent payments
  • Automation enrichment & repair – User defined conditional routing
  • Plug-in banks, affiliates and applications – Support distributed organization
  • Format conversion tools – Comprehensive format library
  • Security & audit management – Detailed reporting & reconciliation

Core Benefits

  • Reduced Transactional / Operational costs
  • Improved Visibility to Enterprise-wide Payment Flows
  • Harmonize and Optimize Payment Flows
  • Streamline Banking Relationships
  • Minimize Manual Processing
  • Increase Efficiencies / Facilitate Growth
  • Minimize Fraud and Error
  • Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
  • SEPA Readiness

The Underlying goal of JACCOO Payments, is to successfully execute payments on an enterprise-wide basis. The increased push to consolidate treasury activities to a smaller number of locations across the globe, make payment factories ideal, as they offer the required combination of localized flexibility with centralized control and visibility.



  • No limitation with regard to number of imported bank statements
  • Automatic reconciliation of account balances
  • Complete data for payment transactions
  • Automatic matching of settlement advices based on predefined rules
  • Actual data can be imported into the cash flow forecast from the import functionality
  • Freely definable cash forecasting
  • The system provides an integrated payment hub / bank communication system

JACCOO receivables 3.0 is a browser based solution. JACCOO Receivables 3.0 is the debtor’s reconciliation part of the JACCOO platform. All electronic bank accounts are stored in the central database. The detailed information will be matched against the outstanding invoices. Even long before official working time starts.

JACCOO ensures a very high grade of matching and straight-through processing. This means manual processing of the bank accounts are history by using JACCOO Receivables 3.0.

The receivables solution provides an environment which fully complies with the SEPA requirements, the formats according to ISO 20022 and the rulebook and regulations of the European Payments Council (EPC). All the information will be stored in the central database of JACCOO, proving JACCOO receivables is more than just a package or a piece of software.

It offers the possibility to predict the future from data from the past and to analyze the payment behavior of debtors.
The receivables solution from JACCOO is fundamental for good cash management and cash forecasting.


Format conversion

In terms of connectivity, JACCOO Payments serves between the in-house systems such as the ERP and Treasury Management systems and the external systems and services. This requires integration with bank specific applications as well as with multi-bank standards such as FTP, SWIFTNet, Etebac or EBICS; with multiple protocols supported in a single solution.

JACCOO Payments validates output from multiple systems to ensure that payment instructions from the originating systems are cleansed and sent to the bank in the appropriate format. JACCOO Payments helps mitigate additional fees or gap in process by automatically formatting and sending instructions based on pre-configured workflow and templates as dictated by the various banking systems. This is critical because if a bank is required to repair payments, there is the danger of incurring additional costs and longer lag time. By incorporating validation tools covering IBANS, BICS and Sort Codes, Payment Factories can help cleanse date helping to reduce operational and transactional costs.

JACCOO can work with any bank

Currently JACCOO has ready-made connections with the following banks:

  • ABN Amro
  • Staalbankiers
  • Rabobank
  • ING
  • BNP
  • JP Morgan
  • Citi Bank
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • ANZ
  • RBS

Format compatibility

  • Edifact
  • MD5
  • ISO20022
  • Verwinfo
  • MT940
  • MT942
  • GMU
  • Pain 001.001.02
  • Pain 001.001.03
  • Pain 008.001.02
  • Pain 002
  • Camt 052
  • Camt 053
  • Camt 054


Trade Finance

JACCOO’s trade finance functionality offers solutions to the most complex needs, drawing from a wide range of financing techniques. We are fully focused on providing an integrated front-end and back-office platform catering for internal and external deployment at a domestic, regional or global level. This will help increase liquidity in the supply chain and reduce the risk inherent in trade flows. JACCOO is a leader in providing creative financing options for growing small and mid-sized businesses and banks.

The solution is fully integrated with other functionalities of the JACCOO platform to achieve complete STP from front-end to back-office operations.

BPO is a new solution in supply chain finance. It is a project where SWIFT & ICC collaborate on enhanced rules and tools for trade finance. It provides the benefits of a letter of credit in an automated and secured environment. This can be seen as an alternative means of settlement in international trade. BPO is all about trading, that is why JACCOO offers a Trade Payment Obligation (TPO) functionality in their platform. TPO is an alternate payment instrument to settle international trade with automated processing and reduced risk (assurance of payment to the seller).


  • TPO will be an operational benefit as there is no manual processing like document creation, verification, validation, tracking and reporting
  • Risk mitigation, as the undertaken is between buyer and seller bank
  • Reduce settlement period to support suppliers working capital needs
  • No banking fees on document discrepancy handling and tracking
  • Improve traceability (Importer could make payment after confirming import goods data)
  • Smooth reconciliation of payment & Accounts Payable through prompt import data receipt


  • How banks can benefit from TPO
  • New business opportunities
  • Strengthens core relationships
  • Low risk business
  • Steady source of commission and free income
  • Automated solution
  • Meets the market requirement for banks to collaborate more on risk and client on-boarding

In today’s economic market, when traditional financial institutions cannot respond in a timely manner, we can. By partnering with JACCOO you focus on growing your business rather than financing it!


Cash management

A global cash management solution that supports the complex needs of multi-country corporate by gaining visibility and control while managing risk.

Good cash visibility is essential for efficient cash management. Many organizations are highly dependent on the information they receive from their banks. This information arrives often with considerable delays and some of the reports fail in providing a clear overview. It is important to have clear cash reporting in real-time.

This is where JACCOO comes in. The power of our platform lies in the ability to overcome delays by achieving real-time liquidity management. All accounts payable and accounts receivable positions are reconciled and made available in a real-time overview. You will not have to wait for a bank’s daily statement.


JACCOO Cash Management is a subcomponent of the JACCOO platform and is integrated with a wide range of other JACCOO functionalities. For example, payments, receivables and reconciliation.


  • Electronic and manual bank statements
  • Payments
  • Forecasting
  • Netting
  • In-house banking


Treasury management

Maximizing treasury management returns

Current innovations in treasury management are the results of new regulations from government and changing priorities in businesses. An accurate and thorough view on your worldwide cash positions is more essential than it has ever been. It’s important to ensure that the treasury management system will function to the business requirements and can provide the users with useful reports. Implementing a treasury management system can ensure that the user can improve cash visibility and liquidity management. The treasury functionality of the JACCOO platform can help your company in achieving the goal to get 100% cash visibility on a daily basis.

Treasury management cannot be considered separately from other financial activities that affect the cash flow of your company anymore. Our treasury management system functionality in our platform can be linked to other functionalities or can be integrated with your ERP system. A state-of-the-art cash management environment allows monitoring counterparty risks closely and accurately.

Significant statistics instead of assumptions

The treasury functionality of JACCOO helps the treasury department with two important roles: managing cash and managing risk. Gaining greater visibility of cash allows the treasury practitioners to have a better view on the cash balances of the group and to minimize the risk of failure.

“Many treasurers still make their decisions based on forecasts based on rough estimates, rather than on up-to-date figures. This way one is at risk of losing significant amounts of money. This should not be the case; it can expose a company to unnecessary risks.”

The treasury functionality integrates seamlessly with our cash management functionality cash forecasting, and they both can interface with all banks. With the two functionalities combined an international organization can achieving centralization of cash management. When choosing a new treasury management system, the implementation process is an important aspect. When installing one of JACCOO’s functionalities we distinguish three different phases. Phase one will be installation, phase two will be testing the new solution, and phase three will be the roll-out phase.



The debtor’s reconciliation is part of the JACCOO platform. All electronic bank accounts are stored in the central database and the detailed information will be matched against the outstanding invoices. Even long before official working time starts.

JACCOO ensures a very high grade of matching and straight-through processing. This means manual processing of the bank accounts are history by using JACCOO Receivables 3.0.




E-mandates allow debtors and creditors to exchange mandates in a fully electronic way, presenting advantages for debtors, creditors, creditor banks and debtor banks.

The advantages for creditors include:

  • The solution allows fully automated end-to-end processing of e-mandates including issuing, amendment and cancellation of such mandates while eliminating the need to deal with a multitude of local, technical or organizational barriers
  • The e-mandate is agreed on in a secure way
  • The confirmation of the debtor’s right to access the account is specified by the debtor bank
  • The e-mandate process allows automatic storage and retrieval of e-mandate data

The advantages for debtors include:

  • The debtor avoids the inconvenience of printing, signing and mailing a paper form to the creditor by using a fully electronic process instead
  • The e-mandate facility is based on secure, widely used online banking services of the debtor bank; the debtor, therefore, can simply rely on the online banking procedures he is already familiar with



Common questions

  • Where is the money?
  • How much is the cash on accounts?
  • Is the information correct?

JACCOO has the answers and service offerings on these topics. With JACCOO it’s easy to have full control of all the company’s accounts, across the world with one push on the button. The only action to take is to mandate your bank to send information to JACCOO instead of having all kinds of electronic banking systems and different passwords. JACCOO Balance & transaction reporting is the easiest way to manage the corporate’s cash flows and to monitor the payments and receivables via a single secure financial gateway.

JACCOO Balance & transaction reporting offers drill-down capabilities to view balances across countries, currencies, banks, etc. If preferred, detailed information of the statements can be reported via drill-down services as well to view individual transactions. Action can be taken directly if the corporate also uses JACCOO Payments and/or JACCOO Receivables.

All the information will be stored at JACCOO’s platform for unlimited time. This offers a great opportunity to analyze the data to forecast the future more accurate.

How it works

  • The corporate mandates their bank relations to send the electronic bank statements to JACCOO
  • JACCOO discusses the required information and reports with the corporate
  • The service will be set up by JACCOO
  • JACCOO provides the corporate with a 100% secure login via JACCOO.com
  • The service runs 24×7, real-time
  • JACCOO balance & transaction reporting benefits

Real-time cash visibility

  • Immediate access to corporate’s financial position
  • Integration with reconciliation services
  • Bank independent
  • Multi formats converted in clear reports
  • No middleware required
  • International standards, SWIFT, BAI, ISO20022 & more
  • Only one login-id required
  • 100% secure connection
  • Available via any device
  • In control at every hour of the day

Adding the balance & transaction reporting service to JACCOO Payments and JACCOO Receivables creates the opportunity of real-time cash management and reconciliation of payments and outstanding invoices.






Phone: +31 20 658 9820
Email: info@jaccoo.com



JACCOO is an easily adaptive solution able to integrate seamlessly with existing cash management and ERP infrastructures.

JACCOO is a financial management system for mid-sized businesses that work with multiple banks, often in multiple countries. It displays a consolidated view of the complete cash position, which enables the organization to make financial decisions with more confidence.

The platform makes managing cash across multiple systems easy with a browser/mobile friendly interface that is accessible anytime, anywhere, and reduces the time and risk associated with managing multiple account by as much as 50%.

JACCOO is adding intelligence to core cash management decision making around payments and other transactions, enabling your business to make the best choice all the time.

JACCOO supports all banking integrations and supports all the major standards, so the last thing you will have to worry about is connectivity to your current systems. If we do not support it today, we will support it tomorrow.




The JACCOO platform can be deployed in several different ways. This enables JACCOO’s cutting-edge technology to be available to a wide range of businesses. The platform is incredibly flexible and scalable.


For small and medium-sized businesses. We take care of the all technical aspects, and you use our software in a cloud-based way.

  • For SMB
  • Internet-based
  • Server hardware managed by JACCOO
  • Control center managed by JACCOO
  • Shared resources

Private Cloud

For enterprises. We take care of the hardware-side of everything, while the enterprise has full control over the admin back-end on the software side.

  • Internet-based
  • Dedicated server
  • Server-hardware managed by JACCOO
  • Control Center accessible to client
  • For large enterprises


For large multinationals. The platform is installed on a server that you manage.

  • For large, multinational enterprises
  • Intranet-based
  • Server hardware managed by enterprise
  • Control center managed by enterprise